10 month old baby girl

Dear Ellie, Hey little girl, it’s your dad this time writing. Pardon the lack of writing skills and most likely the lack of punctuation. You are ten months old now, and growing faster than I could have ever imagined. It has been an amazing journey watching you transform from a tiny little peanut, to an […]

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5 month old baby girl

Dear Elyse, You are now five months old. We mostly call you Ellie. When you are especially tired I call you “‘leepy Leesy”… I’ve never been good at giving out nicknames! Haha. You are so loved. Your four grandparents see you almost weekly. Auntie Clare is teaching you how to FaceTime. Uncle Justin watched you […]

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Green holiday gift wrapping

  I’m so excited about the wrapping for my gifts this year. Usually I stick with brown kraft paper or kraft paper wrapping with a holiday print on it so it can easily be recycled. Wrapping paper with shiny parts, foil, and glitter often cannot be recycled. Mindful Momma’s Instagram post inspired me. She wrote […]

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