Homemade Soy Candle for Under $2

how to make homemade soy candles under $2 | bexbernard.com

Homemade candles are ridiculously easy and pretty inexpensive. In our house, we save the glass container from our old candles to use later. See this blog post on how to clean the containers.

All of these supplies cost $24.03:

It takes about 0.4 lbs of wax to make one medium-sized candle, so the 10lbs of wax will make about 22 candles. Follow the instructions on your specific products for best results. I recommend using a lot of color because my candles always turn out lighter than I expect them to once the wax hardens.

Making candles could get complicated, but this is the basic process:

1) Gather supplies: soy wax, coated wicks, glass containers, color (if you want), scent, small pot, spoon, funnel, and paper towel.

2) Melt wax in a small pot over low heat.

melt soy wax for $2 candles | bexbernard.com

3) Place wicks in the center of glass containers. You may want to use sticks like we did before pouring to keep the wicks in place.

jars for soy candles | bexbernard.com

4) Add chopped up color block and stir until melted.

chop color for soy candle | bexbernard.com chopped color for soy candles | bexbernard.com

5) Add scent and stir.

6) Pour melted wax from pot through funnel into glass container. Leave about 1 cm of space from the top of the container.

how to make $2 soy candles | bexbernard.com

7) Make sure wick is in the center of the container filled with melted wax.

how to make soy candles | bexbernard.com

8) Let wax harden for a few hours.

9) Trim wax to about ½ inch tall and light when you are ready!

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