Met the Author of Wise Craft

Every other week I visit the library to check out an audiobook for my commute.  Luckily, I came in this Monday because I saw the poster for a meet the author event – Wise Craft by Blair Stocker, which was tonight.  She was funny, witty, and encouraging.  She dubbed all of her crafts easy, but you wouldn’t think that by looking at them.  I think we all felt like we could try a new skill after hearing her talk about her projects.

Blair’s book Wise Craft is full of instructions and beautiful pictures of crafts you can make out of everyday items around your house or from finds at the thrift store.  At the event, we made a simple paper flower that can have many uses and can be created from a variety of materials.  I’m excited to read the book and see how else she uses the flowers.


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As a fledgling craft blogger in the Pacific Northwest, I was thrilled to meet a Seattle blogger/author/crafter/DIYer.  Blair mentioned that she loves portable crafts that she can do during her kids’ activities or when she’s carpooling and stuck in traffic.  Maybe next time instead of checking out an audiobook from the library for my commute, I’ll just try a new craft!

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