Easter Sunday Egg Hunts

We had a busy Easter in our hometown, seeing lots of our awesome families. Counting the ‘egg hunt’ at our dog store, we went to four egg hunts this weekend although we didn’t get to participate in any. These are dog treats from our dog local store.

Easter Dog Treats

How old is too old for an egg hunt? Seems like our Easters are all about the little kiddos and a meal with delicious food and fun conversation.


In Tyler’s family, there is one niece who will be our flower girl. DSC_0011She was fun to watch as she oooohhhhed and ahhhed at all the eggs, or exclaimed, “oh my goodness!” So adorable.


In my family, we have one nephew who will be our ring bearer. DSC_0033He will be gaining a brother or sister this fall.


With his Cars boots, he ran around the yard looking for eggs and ended up with five Easter baskets… probably more as the day went on and he visited other family members. I’d say he had a wonderful Easter!


My brother, Justin, is helping me hold on to my 110lb Saint Bernard. You can see I’m not too impressed by being drug around the yard.


But he’s so cute, I just can’t get mad at him for being excited! Sherman was exhausted by the end of this weekend of family and playing with two dogs.


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