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This will be the nicest week of the year so far in the Pacific Northwest. With our wedding rehearsal being held at our house in about 5 months, we have been hard at work making our lawn, gardens, house, and garage look nice. Here are some ideas I’m thinking about implementing in our backyard – depending on time, effort involved and materials I can get for cheap/free!

Do you have good ideas I should try? Comment with the link below!

I don’t have an old ladder, but I’m sure I could find one. I see terra cotta pots all over our neighborhood alleys when I’m walking my dog. Maybe I should just ask the neighbors if I can have them.

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Everyone has tin cans! Might as well paint them a happy color, fill with dirt, and plant a favorite flower.

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Source: This Chick Cooks

I have tons of tea cups and saucers from garage sales last summer that are just waiting for me to do something with. My fiance says I’m a hoarder. I just think I am choosing the right moment to use them to their full potential. 🙂

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I already have a boxed in area for a square foot garden. The problem is keeping my St. Bernard out of it. I usually plant my veggies around Mother’s Day.


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Source: b*spoke

I shared this idea on Facebook after seeing it on Crafts Corner’s page. Great idea if you have old tires around! I’d stack a few up so you’re not basically sitting on the ground.

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Source: Crafts Corner

Remember to post links to your ideas in the comments! I’m always looking for something new to add to our backyard and home.


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