The Paris Wife: Book Review

I recently finished the audio version of The Paris Wife and LOVED it. I am fascinated by the stories of writers and also historical stories from the point of view of a supporting character. I admit I knew nothing about this book when I decided to listen to it. All I know is I am in love with Paris, France as it was the first (and so far, only) European country I have been to.

Soon into the book, I realized it was a story of Ernest Hemingway from the point of view of his wife, Hadley. Author Paula McLain does an amazing job of pulling you in to Hadley, feeling what she feels. You’re happy for her and then your heart breaks for her. By the end, I felt terribly sorry for Hadley. I didn’t know much about Ernest Hemingway’s life so it was all new and exciting to me. The only book of his I have read is The Old Man and the Sea, but The Paris Wife makes me want to read more of his stories. I think I will have a different perspective reading his novels after reading a story from Hadley’s account.

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I definitely recommend The Paris Wife if you enjoy historical novels, relationship stories, Paris, Ernest Hemingway, or strong female characters. I really enjoyed it and was sad when it ended.

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