Demolishing Our Kitchen

Let the destruction begin! I always thought demo was the fun part of remodeling… it’s actually really hard. We started the demo by pulling up all the floor tiles, which was surprisingly, deceptively easy. You can see tiles on the edge of the hall landing in the photo below.

kitchen demo hall tiles demolition & remodel |

Our floor has four layers: subfloor, plywood, cement board, and tile. So, we had to remove each layer until we reached the bare subfloor. The cement board is the layer you see in the photo below, right under the tiles.

kitchen demo cement board demolition & remodel |

While I was out of town at a friend’s bridal shower, Tyler decided to do the major demo with the help of his parents. I showed up halfway through the first day and they had already removed most of the cabinets and were taking the first load to the dump.

kitchen demo stove cement board demolition & remodel |


The cabinets wrapped all the way around the kitchen. The sink was under the window and there were lazy Susan cabinets on each side of the sink. kitchen demo corner cabinet demolition & remodel |


We found out part of the wood was rotting around the sink – another good reason to demo/remodel our demo sink demolition & remodel |


We are removing the red soffit around the ceiling and hanging cabinets all the way to the top of the ceiling to maximize storage space. I hate soffits. Such a demosoffit demolition & remodel | bexbernard.comAnd here are the lovely, steel toed boots Tyler had me wear for kicking the crowbar under layers of flooring to pry it off and also to not have a nail go through my shoe/foot. Apparently Nikes don’t cut it in the demolition world.

kitchen demo georgia steel toe boots |


2 comments on “Demolishing Our Kitchen”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great pictures and nice ending it off with wearing the work boots.I hope you have before and after pictures when the project is finished. I enjoyed seeing your project, Papa

    1. Becca says:

      Thanks! I will have before and after pictures. It will be fun to see the transformation!

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