Choosing Paint for the Kitchen



Our kitchen is ready to be painted, but we haven’t decided on a color! Below are the three I was thinking – yellow, green, and blue. All light colors to brighten up the space. The floor is dark slate gray. We will have white cabinets and probably white and gray granite. The granite isn’t set in stone yet (haha). Since it’s always in stock, we still have some time to decide on that. The dishes we registered for are black and white Noritake. We will have pops of red (pitchers, casserole dishes, spoon rest, etc.), but they are all small items.

So… what color do you think we should paint it?! Let me know in a comment below.

kitchen remodel, demo, drywall ready to be painted blue green or yellow?| bexbernard.comHere’s the corner where the lazy Susan cabinet will be with the oven to the left and the sink to the right under the remodel, demo, drywall ready to be painted |

Where the sheeting is hanging on the left we will have a bar that overlooks the dining room. The new fridge will be to the right of the window.

kitchen remodel, demo, drywall ready to be painted |


5 comments on “Choosing Paint for the Kitchen”

  1. Kayla Madsen says:

    I like the blue Becca! Its so light and beautiful and will definitely brighten up the space. Plus i think you will tire less with it over time! 🙂 The house is coming along great! love following it on your blog! xo

  2. Kayla Madsen says:

    Plus I think the blue and red will compliment well. The blue will definitely go well with those cabinet choices and the slate floor! We went through all this too when we painted the WHOLE house! I had like 6 different options.

    1. Becca says:

      Thanks Kayla! That’s a really good point… we do want to like it for a long time and not just repaint next year! Painting takes so long. Wow… 6 options would be a lot. Looking at all the paint cards at Home Depot was overwhelming. Narrowing it to three choices seemed much more manageable. 🙂 Hope all is well in your Spanish house! I bet it’s beautiful and has a lot of character.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Light blue…but look into a light grey. I choose a light grey, almost a blue/grey for our new kitchen. We have dark cabinets and wood floors. Granite is grey/white/black. I’m doing pops of red too. Good luck its sounds like it’s going to be beautiful.

    1. Becca says:

      We have a light grey, almost purple color in our guest bathroom that could work. Your kitchen sounds like it has similar elements as ours! We have little natural light, so I liked that the white cabinets would brighten it up. Your dark cabinets and floors sound pretty. We may do the same granite as you, judging by the colors. Do you have a link to a photo? Thanks!

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