Paint in the Kitchen, Jackhammer in the Dining Room

It seems every major house project comes with a surprise. We’ve already had a few, but this one was the biggest pain. I say ‘pain’ like I actually did any work to remove this concrete pad, but really it was my brother and fiance.

concerte pad 1

Our dining room and master bedroom were slapped on to the outside of the house by owners before us. This cement landing must have been the back step.concerte pad 2

We wanted to have the stair at the doorway, so we removed the tile to find plywood… and then cement. And rebar. And random metal. And rocks. So we called my brother who had a few days off in the middle of the week and isn’t afraid of some manual labor.concerte pad 4

Safety first, I guess! This is my brother taking a break from jackhammering. He seems thrilled to be on the blog. 🙂 Or maybe he was just sick of using a jack hammer. I would be.justin and concerte pad

Once the dust settled, literally, we painted the kitchen! First we painted the ceiling white and then painted the blue walls.

kitchen remodel paint 6

Painting is SOOOO much easier when you don’t have to tape everything and you don’t have to worry about spilling it on a new floor or cabinet. We did spill some on the subfloor, so we were especially grateful for remodel paint 1

After help from our friends voting on Facebook and Instagram, we decided to go with blue. The original blue we painted a sample of (see this blog post), was too much of a Baby Blue, so we went with Behr’s Bleached Denim.

kitchen remodel paint 4

We didn’t have to paint every inch of the wall because the appliances and cabinets will be remodel paint 3

Are you doing a kitchen remodel? I’d love to see photos. Comment below! I may even feature yours. 🙂

I'd love to hear your opinion (good or bad)!

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