Sam’s Stuff: Tacoma Artist, Blogger, and Etsy Seller

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Connecting with other people and putting yourself out there is so important to growing your network, skills, and business. That’s why today’s blog post is featuring Sam’s Stuff – a local Etsy seller and blogger right here in Tacoma. Shelley and I met in an Etsy forum for Puget Sound sellers. We both love and blogged about the Tacoma Farmer’s markets (my blog was about Proctor and hers was on Puyallup).

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The arts and crafts at Sam’s Stuff are mostly made in an Eco-friendly manner. If you sell finished goods on Etsy, your products must be either handmade or vintage. Shelley likes to creatively make things by hand, repurpose vintage and found objects, and transform natural materials.

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Shelley shared that her grandparents were a big influence on her mindset and talents that led her to blog, sell on Etsy, and feature items in local stores and shows. Her love for re-purposing vintage and found items comes from a number of sources. Shelley’s grandmother, who lived through the 30’s and lived with Shelley’s family periodically throughout her childhood, taught her many crafts, about recycling old clothes, and even how to cook. Farther back, her great grandfather, who was born in the 1890’s and lived very nearby during her childhood, was an entrepreneur and inventor. He built several businesses for himself in the southwest desert. At a young age, Shelley was also inspired by her teachers, who taught the importance of saving the environment. She was impressed and motivated by theater and music teachers who didn’t have huge budgets for costumes and sets, but still managed to put on great productions with thrift store finds. The punk/grunge movements, drawn from street style have shaped her art and love for re-purposing and thrifting.

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Etsy Shops: samsstuff (accessories, jewelry, clothing & supplies) & shellseye (household/office items)

Facebook: Sam’s Stuff page

Pop-up shop (until June 2014): Seattle Handmade

Brick & Mortar: Twist n Pout, a new shop in Sanford & Sons

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Would you like to be a featured guest on It’s a great way to increase your exposure and show your crafts or skills! Just email me at 🙂

4 comments on “Sam’s Stuff: Tacoma Artist, Blogger, and Etsy Seller”

  1. Marlo M. says:

    Hello! I just wanted to let you know that Sam’s Stuff online shop is her Etsy shop: – the link you have there is to our temporary pop-up shop on the Seattle Handmade website (thanks for linking, but the shop will be going offline after June!) Thank you so much! Great feature!

    1. Becca says:

      Hi Marlo! Thanks for the clarification. I reworded that section so people know it’s a temporary pop-up shop. Her Etsy link is still above it.

      Thank you!

  2. Shelley says:

    Thank you, Becca 🙂

    1. Becca says:

      You’re welcome! It was fun looking at your crafts and designs!

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