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It has been a few weeks since our wedding and honeymoon (which were both amazing)! I’m excited to start blogging about it all, but I will spread it out over the next few months. My goal is not to show off how cool I thought my wedding was (although it was exactly what I wanted). Rather, my goal is to provide helpful advice, tips, inspiration, and how-tos from someone who has been there, done that recently. If you have any helpful thoughts from your own wedding experience, I want to hear about it! Email so I can share with my readers.

This is the wedding day timeline we used to have our wedding run smoothly. As helpful as this is, you really need someone to make sure it actually happens. That’s why we had a “day of wedding coordinator”. Pin the image and read the blog post below for how this was created!

Wedding Day Schedule to keep your day running smoothly. Use this wedding timeline as a sample and tailor it to meet your needs. Planning your own wedding? Use this to create your wedding schedule. |

We hired a wedding day-of coordinator to run the whole day. This was such a stress-saver because I didn’t have to worry about anything on the wedding day and frankly, I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it anyway because I was getting ready. Another reason we hired a “day-of coordinator” is so our moms and family could just enjoy the day as well. Before the ceremony started, I know family and friends were running around putting things together, decorating, and setting up the food. There isĀ SO much to do for weddings. The more help the better.

Another reason we hired a coordinator is because she has done this tons of times and knows how to setup/run the schedule. Below is the schedule we used and for the most part we stuck with it. The key was to leave in buffer room, like “relax and refresh time”. I’m terrible at adding buffer time. I’m trying to get better but I always think I’ll get things done faster than they actually take. Dumb.

Things always take longer than you expect. Many people will leave early for various reasons. Some people came up to me during the wedding to start the dancing because people were leaving. Well, there is a lot to do during a wedding and I didn’t want to skip things that were important to me because some people wanted to leave. Many people drove a long distance and they planned on leaving by a certain time no matter what. Bottom line: You won’t make everyone happy, so just stick to your pre-planned schedule as best you can and roll with the punches.

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