L-Shaped Kitchen Layout with Perpendicular Dishwasher

Our kitchen is a strange layout, but it works well for us. I call it ‘L-shaped’ but the dishwasher kind of curls around the bottom of the L. For my writer/designer/marketing friends, it’s like a serif L. That’s the best way to describe it.

The typical designs you see are L, U, and G shaped. Our kitchen is small-ish and the layout before was dysfunctional. There was a peninsula that stuck out in the middle which wasted a lot of space and there was no room for a dishwasher. This was one of the main reasons for wanting to remodel the kitchen.

Choosing a layout is arguably¬†the most important decision because you can’t change it. Later, you can change the colors, change the appliances, change the hardware, but the layout is difficult to change.

As I thought about potential layouts, I just used PowerPoint. This idea is a simple L-shaped, but it wouldn’t actually work for our needs. So, we enlisted professional help.layout you kitchen in powerpoint to test your ideas | bexbernard.com

We went to Home Depot with our dimensions and the kitchen section gave us layout ideas. The woman we met with kept telling us we couldn’t do certain things though. Especially with our dishwasher. We have a stucco exterior and two windows so there were some constraints we wanted to stay within in order to keep the budget down. Cutting into the stucco and changing the windows would be more expensive.

Tyler had the idea of putting our dishwasher perpendicular to the sink instead of right next to it like most kitchens. To be honest, I didn’t think it would function well, but it does! I’ll post about that later. For now, all you need to see is the final kitchen layout designed by our contractor.

l-shaped kitchen layout with sink that is perpendicular to dishwasher. plan a kitchen remodel| bexbernard.com


Our contractor is a relative so it was great having someone we could be really honest with about our ideas and trust throughout the whole process. He said the dishwasher would be no problem and the plumber agreed.

These are the elevation photos he created for us too. This helped us imagine our new, l-shaped kitchen functionality.



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