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I’ve always been a good writer, but I have SO much to learn about photography. I received an email from the SITS Girls about their photography challenge and thought it would be a perfect way for me to improve.

The first challenge is about the Rule of Thirds. So, I took two photos: one using the Rule and one with my subject (Sherman) in the center. This is how the SITS Girls describe the Rule of Thirds:

“A basic photography standard, the rule of thirds is a guide to creating a pleasing image. The first question to ask yourself is “what is my subject?” Once you know what you are photographing, imagine a grid of 9 squares. There are two vertical lines and two intersecting horizontal lines; similar to tic-tac-toe board. Most DSLR cameras have a grid feature on the view screen to help. The rule of thirds says to place your subject where the lines intersect, but not in the center.”

My first photo is Sherman in the center, which is what I normally do. Don’t mind my terrible yard. To conserve water, we don’t water the lawn in the summer and I just sprayed the weeds with natural weed killer. I wish Sherman was looking the other way, but oh well!

Saint Bernard in yard |

My second photo is with Sherman on the left third. If using a photo editor, you can apply the Rule of Thirds you can make sure the subject is on the right spot of the grid at that point. I like this one better because I feel like it’s more artistic. It probably would be better if there was a more interesting background.

Saint Bernard in yard |


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