We rescued a Great Pyreness dog

We got a second dog! And he’s big. Like 100-pounds-but-still-underweight big. Sherman loves his new brother and we love him just as much.
We debated for a few days about what to name him and finally decided over a few IPAs to name him Newman. I kept calling him the “new guy” and we love Seinfeld so it was a good fit. My brother Caleb and a waitress confirmed this was a good name.
Great Pyrenees rescue dog | bexbernard.com

Newman and our friends’ son.

Having two dogs will be an adventure. Newman cam from a “home” where he was chained up outside all the time, with little food or socialization. Our friends took him in for a week before we brought him home. They taught him how to walk up and down stairs and took him to the vet. He had terrible skin, fleas, fur, and nutrition. Vet meds, love, and food have already gone a long way with our new guy. In the photos below you can kind of see how scabby his back is and the missing hair.
Great Pyrenees rescue dog | bexbernard.com
It’s not surprising that Newman is not well trained – for tricks or going potty. The first week we had to take him to go potty in the middle of night or else he’d go in the house. Even now, we can’t leave him in the house for a few hours during the day, but he can last through the night. Thank goodness because I hate losing sleep.
Great Pyrenees rescue dog | bexbernard.com
He is great on-leash though and is great with kids and dogs. Our friends had a three-year old and they played just fine. We’re so excited to have this sweet surprise boy in our lives. Newman loves to play with Sherman. I love walking the dogs in the morning and Tyler loves playing or resting with them at night. I think the two play pretty hard during the day, because they seem pretty tired at night.
Great Pyrenees rescue dog and a Saint Bernard | bexbernard.com
Adding a second dog can be difficult sometimes with territory issues, but luckily we have not encountered that. We still have a ways to go in keeping our house clean and organized with two dogs, but it will be worth it. I researched how to add a second dog to your home before we got Newman. I love hearing stories from other people about how they manage/live with two dogs. Let me know your story in the comments below!

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