Tea party baby shower

My friends, specifically my friend Taryn, threw me a beautiful tea party themed baby shower in my backyard. It was an uncharacteristically hot day for June (thanks climate change), so hot tea was replaced with iced tea and lemonade. The food and decorations still fit the tea party theme although there were no tea cups this time.

This is the host of the party, but it’s not her baby. Everything was so lovely and detailed!

Tea party baby shower | bexbernard.com

The most impressive part of the shower was the food. Everything was fancy and detailed. Here’s the menu.

Tea party baby shower menu | bexbernard.com

Tea party baby shower food | bexbernard.com
Below are the delicious little sandwiches.

And these are the salads and dessert.

Tea party baby shower oysters | bexbernard.com

Baked oysters

It was so fun seeing all my best friends in one day. I tend to have groups of friends and this is most of our high school group. Two already have babies (and one has a older girl but she didn’t want to join our photo) and the other two of us were pregnant at the time. Also, I love the burlap banner Taryn made that reads, “Welcome Elyse”.

Burlap banner at tea party baby shower | bexbernard.com

The woman in green just had her baby this week and is the decorator behind the baseball nursery I posted last month.

At the end, it was so nice to have all the presents already at my house and not have to drive 2 hours home like I normally do for parties in my hometown.

Tea party baby shower | bexbernard.com

Our dogs even joined in on the fun when it didn’t get too hot for them outside the air conditioned house. Newman, our Great Pyrenees, was especially loved by the red head baby girl.Great Pyrenees tea party baby shower | bexbernard.com

Thank you to everyone who helped create a fun and pretty party to celebrate our little E! Our friend Susan took a lot of these photos and even created a beautiful video for us to remember this day. The video is below and you can see the rest of her vlogs here.

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