8 month old baby girl

DSC_0011Dear Elyse,

You are now 8 months old and it was a busy month! You are army crawling / scooting. Dad doesn’t think it quite counts as a crawl, but I want to count it. You love to scoot all the way across our big rug or the entire room at daycare. A few days ago you started planking and then dropping to your knees. I think you know you need your knees to crawl, but don’t quite know how to make them work.

Another milestone is that you are starting to eat finger foods. My birth group friends were asking each other if anyone was doing baby-led weaning. I thought that meant weaning off breast milk, but apparently it’s when you don’t purée foods and let the baby eat small, mashed sized of what the adults are eating. So, we were maybe late to the game on that! You still mostly eat puréed foods, but have tried eating avocado, banana, potatoes, and Beech Nut yogurt melts by hand. Like crawling, you haven’t fully mastered this idea – that you need to put the food in your mouth. You love to make a mess and play with the new textures. No teeth yet.

If you sit at the edge of your crib and don’t get your feet stuck in the slats, you can pull yourself up and stand. This makes you very proud! You don’t realize you have control and have to hold on though. You have bonked your head on the crib a few times learning this lesson.


You sleep 10 hours a night and on the weekends it is closer to 11 hours. It is amazing and we are so grateful you never had major sleep problems! *knock on wood* You go to sleep around 8pm now. When I get home, it’s a whirlwind of make adult dinner-feed baby solid foods-eat adult dinner-nurse Ellie during a TV show-bath time-Vitamin D drops-lotion-pajamas-read books-bedtime. Then, dad and I have about an hour to clean up dinner and relax before we go to bed.

“Dada” is your second word, behind “Elllayy”. I point at myself and say “mama”, but you just laugh at me. So rude 🙂

You weigh 18 pounds and wear 6-9 months clothes.You have a double ear infection, but the pain doesn’t seem to bother you at all.

We spent your first Easter in Aberdeen at Grandma Toni’s for breakfast and Hoquiam at Grandma Cathy’s for lunch. At Toni’s, Joe, Clare, Michael, Alexis, Sean, Ruby, and Georgia were all there. Linda, Trudi, Barb, and Kim also stopped by.

DSC_0002 DSC_0011 DSC_0023 DSC_0026 DSC_0029At Cathy’s, Mark, Aaron, Kelsey, Reed, Hadlee, Karl, Karlene, and Caleb were there. It was a much smaller group than usual.

DSC_0053DSC_0059DSC_0078The following weekend, we participated in the Junior Daffodil Parade with your daycare. Papa Dale and Grandma Toni came to that as well. You made Papa super happy as he carried you around the whole time. Sherman was the star of the show among all the parade-watchers though.

IMG_5133We stopped by a park the walk back so you could enjoy your first swing!


We walked to Cheney Stadium from our house where you attended your first Rainiers game with me, dad, Justin, Caleb, Gina, and Katelyn. You wore a Rainiers bib, ate some pureed food, saw your first fireworks, and people-watched pretty hard. You slept the whole walk back, which was late for you.

IMG_5146IMG_5153IMG_5150On to the mommy fails. One day dad worked late and I said I could pick you up. The train was delayed right outside the Tacoma Dome station due to other train traffic. I thought I could still make it, but I was 15 mins late. I panicked that this was strike 1 and you can only have 3 late pickups, but after calming down I thought of new ways to not let this happen again.

The second, and funnier one, was “school picture day”. I didn’t think about infants doing pictures for school. Plus, one day you stayed home with a fever so the week was a little disorganized. Anyway, I sent you to school in a matching pink monkey outfit that looked fine, but wasn’t the cutest outfit you have. If I put more thought into it, you would have worn a bow and a different outfit. They also kept your bandanna bib on, which isn’t what I intended, but whatever. That night when I was changing your diaper I realized the back of your shirt had a big poop stain on it!! I seriously sent you to picture day in a poop stained shirt. It’s partially your fault because you have blow-outs, but mostly mine. Thank goodness you can’t see your back in the photo.


We are in a good routine now. Dad isn’t working quite as much, although last week there was a lightning storm, which is rare for May and he worked all weekend. When he’s home, he’s really helpful. It’s when he works long shifts (sometimes 40 straight hours) that things are hard. I’m working from home one day a week now so I can commute less and see you more!

Love, love, love,



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