9 month old baby girl


Dear not-so-little Elyse,

You seem to have grown so much this past month. In a way, it has been the longest month of your life and not just because I’m posting this late. You are growing fast, but only in the 12th percentile for height! 58% weight and 75% head.

So on to the reason this is late and perhaps partly why the month has been long. We decided to rehome Newman, our magnificent Great Pyrenees. Since I went back to work, we haven’t taken him for as many walks. Between your parents’ work schedules and weekend trips, we had to have Aunt Julie dog sit multiple weeks. Your dad had brought it up before, but I felt so bad giving him a third home. However, Julie and Leslie provide him with a better life than we can right now. It’s difficult to walk two huge dogs and you at the same time. So about a month after Newman officially moved out, we got to see him again and took our monthly photo.

He only lives 45 mins away and we love talking with Julie and Leslie, so hopefully you will still see him every once in a while. You loved climbing on him and he let you. He was amazing with all kids and other doggies. We miss him.

You started crawling this month! It seemed like you would army crawl forever and I didn’t know how to teach you besides moving your knees. Eventually you just figured it out on your own. You also love to clap and do it when we say, “Yay!” or clap.

You lift yourself to stand at everything, like the coffee table, entertainment center, and crib. You can also squat to sit yourself down. Everything happened so fast.


I had my first work trip away from you. I definitely missed you, but you were in great hands. Your dad took you to dinner with Kevin and Kelli. Uncle Justin took you to daycare one of the days. It was my first time pumping on the road/airport and it was not fun. The worst experience was pumping in an airport bathroom, which made me realize I’m pretty lucky usually.

Friday when I returned, I picked you up from daycare and you were so happy! We then went to your first Mariner’s game. Since the guys were golfing late, Kelli and I took you to the game. When you entered the game, you got a certificate for your first time. I left dad’s name off since he was late. 🙂


The bad thing this month was a weird choking movement, almost like a convulsion, but not a seizure. We talked to a bunch professionals (Katelyn – pediatric nurse / Justin’s girlfriend, Teri – speech therapist / feeding specialist / second cousin, Dr. Schneller – your pediatrician). Plus all of the parents. It seems like you were being surprised by chunks in your food and choking a little, and maybe learning a new way to move your body.

You eat about 15 oz of milk at daycare and 6 oz of puréed Gerber food. We still nurse in the morning and night. Because of your choking, we have been nervous to give you solid foods. Teri suggested only doing puréed food by spoon and finger foods separately. You eat puffs and yogurt melts by hand. Sometimes we play music or trivia through Alexa like in this video:

There was a really hot week by Memorial Day where we spent a lot of time outside in the backyard, at Justin’s house for a BBQ with Caleb and Gina,  and one day at Kelli’s family’s cabin on an inlet. Her grandma loved you and you ate watermelon for the first time. You liked the taste, but wouldn’t touch it! Haha.



We love you!


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  1. Bonnie Appel says:

    This is a special way to keep track of her baby years! Such a thoughtful thing to do. She will love looking back on these monthly updates later on! Great job Becca. You to are wonderful parents!

    1. Becca says:

      Thank you! I try to stay on top of it, but just saw this comment. I hope it will be a fun thing for us to look back on!

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