10 month old baby girl


Dear Ellie,

Hey little girl, it’s your dad this time writing. Pardon the lack of writing skills and most likely the lack of punctuation. You are ten months old now, and growing faster than I could have ever imagined. It has been an amazing journey watching you transform from a tiny little peanut, to an almost walking, getting into everything baby.

It has been a busy past month for you, we can’t seem to keep you away from germs. It seems everyday you have a goopy eye, or a different ear infection, but it appears to be getting a little bit better. We took you to Dr. Bosley so you could have you minor ear procedure (tubes). I say minor because medically speaking it was, but we were worried sick about you the whole time. You looked so cute in your hospital gown, it brings a tear to my eye. It was very hard for us to let the doctor take you back to the surgery room. We are so happy we had it done, because we have noticed a world of difference in your ability to recognize your name, and hearing abilities.

IMG_5287 IMG_5286

We all went down to the pier down by Point Defiance to enjoy the weather and catch some crab. Your cousins, aunt, and grandma met us down there and we had such a great time. I think it was a little bit too warm for your liking, you started getting pretty cranky at the end. I can’t wait till you are old enough to pull in the pots and handle the crab with me.

This past month we celebrated your first Fourth of July. We went to Aunt Gina’s friends’ for a BBQ and you got to meet their little girl Ember. Mom and I were super paranoid about the booms and bangs and your little ears. Ember had gone to bed before we did fireworks (which it was way past your bed time too!), so they let us use Ember’s ear muffs. You HATED them, you cried and kept pulling them off. So we didn’t stay too long, but you had a great time after we caved on the ear muffs.


You also visited the beach for the first time and loved eating the sand!


We went to the Dr. a few days ago to get your eye taken care of, the Dr. gave us eye drops that are supposed to work pretty quickly. You grew a TON over the last month, you went from the twelfth percentile in height, to the fifty-fifth percentile, and from the thirty-third percentile in weight, to the fifty-eighth percentile. You now weigh twenty pounds!


You were waking up in the middle of the night, I think your little teeth were hurting you, and we felt so bad for you. Now you have your bottom two teeth and they sure are sharp. Eating solid chunks of food is going much better than when we tried a few months ago, you sure are messy still though :).

Baseball so far is your favorite sport. You seem to actually watch the T.V. when it is on, or the games when we go, it’s super funny. At the Rainiers game, mom was feeding you, and a foul ball came near us, it ricocheted off the upper deck, and almost hit you in the head. Fortunately, for you, your old man has still got some game and made an epic catch. After the game you even got to meet one of the players (Leonys Martin) and got a picture with him.


I got to celebrate my first Father’s Day, and it was great. It made me so happy to spend the day with you and take you to the horse races. I think it was too hot for you there, but it was still fun. You loved looking at the horses and Papa Dale was in heaven taking you there. He loves his grand-daughter.


Well unfortunately I haven’t written a letter in a long time, so I don’t really know how you close this out. So when you’re older you can have a good chuckle about how much of a better writer mom is than dad. I can’t wait till the next month so we can reflect on all the great memories we have together. We love you so much.

Love Always,



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