11 month old baby girl


Hello Elyse,

You are almost a year old and wow did that go quick! I always thought people were so dumb for saying, “I can’t believe how old my kid is!” I would logically think, “Really? You can’t imagine it? You’ve been there every day and know how many days are in a year…” But then I had my own kid and I get it. The time flies fast. I can divide my life into before and after baby. It’s much more obvious now when I haven’t seen people in a long time if they haven’t met you yet.


This month you gained a second tooth, right next to the first one on the bottom. It’s so cute! Your teeth up top are starting to take shape under swollen gums.


You love to eat what we eat, but I’m still very careful about the size of chunks you get because I’m worried you will choke without lots of teeth to mash up your food. We try to send you to day care with a protein, veggie, and fruit. You still have 2-3 pureed foods a day, but would rather feed yourself.


You are almost outgrowing your 9 month clothes. In a way, it’s sad to pack up things you barely wore. However, I am organizing your clothes and setting them aside is satisfying. Luckily, you received many hand-me-downs from your cousins (Ruby, Georgia, and Hadlee) and some of our friends.

You’re a busy girl who loves to crawl on everything and through the shelves at daycare. With support, you can stand and walk. Sometimes you bear-crawl, which makes me think you really want to walk, but don’t trust yourself yet. This little stool worked as a walker until you received Reed & Hadlee’s old push car that you store treasures in under the seat. We play with this outside on our new backyard stones.

You haven’t been as excited about being in the pool water, but do like to splash your hands in it. We went to a spray park with Aunt Gina where you loved touching the water from various fountains.

Version 2

We went to the library for the first time and you enjoyed playing with the kid toys, especially when I used the hand puppets! That made you laugh. We picked up some new books: "Paddington Bear in the Garden", Clifford, and Eric Carle’s book about a slow sloth. We read 1-2 books a night and yours are getting a little old on repeat. 🙂 It’s amazing to see your interest in books grow and the way you interact with them change over time. You try to turn the page and know exactly where to touch in the touchy-feely books.

Generally we try to take you to a park or on a walk at least once a week. You enjoy looking at the scenery and people, occasionally making baby noises.


IMG_5440 IMG_5446

Health-wise, your tubes seem to be working and hopefully don’t bother you.IMG_5457

You threw up in your car seat on the way to day care one day, so you couldn’t g
o for 24 hours. I stayed home with you and luckily you didn’t throw up again. A few weeks later, you had a fever at daycare that didn’t go under 100* until 4 days later. Again, no puke, but you did not feel well at all. The doctor said it was a viral infection that would end with a rash, which it did. I was able to work from home one day, have a back up nanny the second day, and have Papa and Gina watch you the last day.


Thankfully, my work is flexible about working from home, but it’s very hard to work when you are there! Deloitte has a back up care option for mildly ill kids, so a college student came over while I worked at home and held you most of the day. You just wanted to snuggle. It was cute and made me a little jealous that I couldn’t spend my day doing that. However, I did spend most of the weekend holding you. 🙂

Usually we try to dress you up super cute, but you have the perfect mohawk hair, so you’re a little more edgy at home.



Every day you surprise us with something new or make us laugh. It’s so fun being your mom!

Love you bebe,




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  1. Papa says:

    Beautiful words for a beautiful child.

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