1 year old baby girl


Dear Elyse,

Whoo we made it to one year in one piece! You’ve definitely had some bumps and been sick a lot (in my mind), but nothing too serious.

The absolutely most exciting thing this month is you started walking! On a Saturday you stood up on your own and then kept squatting up and down. By Wednesday, you took a couple steps that were falling into me. I didn’t know if it actually counted then, but dad thought it did. Within a week you were really getting the hang of it, wobbly legs and all.

This month, we went to four parks. You love to swing and try to crawl up the slides. I’m sure next month at the park you will be walking everywhere, from toy to toy.

IMG_5462 IMG_5477

Harper’s first birthday was this month (only 2.5 weeks older than you) so you got lots of love from PLU aunties and watched Harper walk everywhere like a boss in a tutu. I think she showed you the ropes to give you confidence because you walked a few days after that.

We visited Hoquiam where you played with some of mom’s best friends’ kids who are a little bit older than you. There’s a cute little coffee shop in downtown Hoquiam where we started the playdate and then walked to Central Playfield. We grew up visiting this park in the summer sometimes eating free lunch and then as I got older sometimes handing out the free lunches. It’s changed a lot since then – don’t worry!


We also visited a state park for Zerick’s first birthday. He loves his wagon from Grandma Cathy and Grandpa Mark. You rode around in it and he pulled you a little in it.


My company and your daycare was closed the Friday before Labor Day, so we got an extra day together! We started the morning sharing a doughnut and then playing at the library. I’m always trying to create better systems, so I decided you will always get 10 books so I know how many to bring back. We’ll see how long this lasts…


IMG_5508 2

Reed’s birthday is the day before yours so we celebrated his birthday Labor Day weekend. This may be dad’s favorite thing to do with you – sit cozy together drinking beverages.

To top the month off, we got a membership for the zoo. We are so excited to be able to drop by the zoo anytime and not feel obligated to see the whole thing. Growing up we took family photos by this statue with my mom, the step-family, and assorted friends. We plan on carrying on this tradition even though we will be visiting more often.

IMG_0026 2

You didn’t seem to understand the animals yet. This is one of your most engaged exhibits with the manatees.

IMG_0045This is our last month of the photos. I’m kinda glad because it does take a lot of time to write these posts and take the staged photos, but it has also been so fun. I really hope you enjoy reading these in the future since you won’t remember any of these beautiful memories. We love you so much and I love every moment with you. Even when you exhaust me and are crying, it’s amazing. You are, and will be amazing.


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  1. Cathy Williams says:

    Beautiful recap of Ellie’s 12 th month. I love that she is growing up surrounded by so much love!

    1. Becca says:

      Thanks Mom! She is loved so much.

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