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Tips for flying with a baby

  Before every flight with my baby I’m nervous she will cry and/or be so bored that the other passengers get mad. Luckily, most people are understanding and those who aren’t, bring headphones. We have now flown to three places with our baby girl from Seattle, WA: Disneyland, 6 months old Walla Walla, Washington, 12 […]

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1 year old baby girl

Dear Elyse, Whoo we made it to one year in one piece! You’ve definitely had some bumps and been sick a lot (in my mind), but nothing too serious. The absolutely most exciting thing this month is you started walking! On a Saturday you stood up on your own and then kept squatting up and […]

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11 month old baby girl

Hello Elyse, You are almost a year old and wow did that go quick! I always thought people were so dumb for saying, “I can’t believe how old my kid is!” I would logically think, “Really? You can’t imagine it? You’ve been there every day and know how many days are in a year…” But […]

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10 month old baby girl

Dear Ellie, Hey little girl, it’s your dad this time writing. Pardon the lack of writing skills and most likely the lack of punctuation. You are ten months old now, and growing faster than I could have ever imagined. It has been an amazing journey watching you transform from a tiny little peanut, to an […]

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