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3 month old baby girl

Our little girl is now three months old, which seems young and old at the same time. I have two months left of maternity leave and it has been amazing to watch her grow so far. She is becoming more fun and interactive. She smiles. She recognizes herself in the mirror. She has a few favorite […]

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Elyse’s birth story

Before I was pregnant I wanted to have my baby at a birth center rather than a hospital. Of my friends and family who had hospital births, most of them ended up with c-sections, which I didn’t want if at all possible. I watched the documentary, “The Business of Being Born” and learned about the […]

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Mermaid Nursery

Although Ellie has not yet slept in her room, it is ready for her with a mermaid theme. We were blessed with so many gifts and hand-me-downs to create this space that I hope she loves. This is our little mermaid in the newborn photo session by Flourish Photography. Tyler’s sister decorated the cardboard E that […]

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Maternity photos

Today is my due date, but no Ellie. I figured she would be late, so I am not surprised. However, I am sooo ready to meet her and no longer be pregnant. To celebrate the due date, here are my maternity photos. These were all taken by neighbor at Flourish Photography.    

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Homemade baby gifts and family shower

I love receiving homemade gifts especially from really talented people! Tyler’s family is very creative and crafty. No macaroni necklaces here. First of all, my sister-in-law and her cousin threw a super cute spring-themed shower with handmade decorations. Tyler’s aunt made these colorful and soft burp cloths. His grandma made this bird quilt. I love that […]

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Tea party baby shower

My friends, specifically my friend Taryn, threw me a beautiful tea party themed baby shower in my backyard. It was an uncharacteristically hot day for June (thanks climate change), so hot tea was replaced with iced tea and lemonade. The food and decorations still fit the tea party theme although there were no tea cups […]

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