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Anchor Wedding Garter Belt – Where to Customize Yours

One day, in my nautical-wedding-craze, I was searching “#anchor” on Instagram and found Mama’s Little Baby. The shop had just made a cute anchor headband / hairbow for little girls! Although I don’t own any kids (I don’t even sound like I should have one), I still enjoy seeing her new items, photography, and watching her online […]

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Functioning Kitchen and a Demolished Dining Room

We are SOOOO excited to have a functioning kitchen again! And a beautiful one at that! I have waited to post photos because there were little things, like the crown moulding, that were just installed this week. It is not completely finished. The short white cabinet on the right side will have something under it. […]

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Painted American Flag – 4th of July Craft

Happy 4th of July! Many homes celebrate this day with decorating their outdoor spaces, having BBQs, and watching the fireworks. If you are looking for an outdoor craft this 4th of July and have wood strips, try this project! My college roommate, Sara, painted an American flag this year for her porch in Little Rock, […]

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Surviving a Kitchen Remodel

Every couple’s love is tested throughout their relationship. I think a kitchen remodel among planning a wedding is one of the bigger challenges we have faced. Those of you who have done major house projects with your significant other know what I’m talking about and are probably nodding in agreement. Someone even told me their biggest […]

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Sam’s Stuff: Tacoma Artist, Blogger, and Etsy Seller

Connecting with other people and putting yourself out there is so important to growing your network, skills, and business. That’s why today’s blog post is featuring Sam’s Stuff – a local Etsy seller and blogger right here in Tacoma. Shelley and I met in an Etsy forum for Puget Sound sellers. We both love and […]

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DIY Dresser & Nightstand Makeover: Sangria Colored Paint

Our roommate, Dena, has acquired a lot of furniture from friends and family for (wow, that’s a long alliteration of Fs) her new adventure in Seattle. {And BONUS she was just hired last week for a new job closer to her new place!!} We will actually both be working on Mercer Island now which is by Seattle. We […]

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