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Visual Layout For Your Wedding

With the wedding fast approaching, I’m now finalizing the logistics and details. Thankfully, this weekend some of our family and a few friends helped us with wedding crafts and preparing our house for the rehearsal dinner. They got so much done; it was a huge help! Most of my bridesmaids couldn’t come, so I was even more […]

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Nautical Bridal Shower

My fiance’s family hosted a nautical bridal shower for me at the Polson Museum (our local and only museum) in my hometown. It was amazing to have so many female family members together in one place. My mom’s family, dad’s family, and Tyler’s family were there. Here are some pictures of the fun time we […]

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100 Days Until Our Wedding & We Decide To Remodel Our Kitchen

Now, I know this sounds reckless, crazy, and fast. But, we actually have been thinking about remodeling our kitchen for over a year. We have been saving our money, spending less, growing our money (stocks – Tyler says it’s been his hobby since he was a kid) and working more (overtime in Tyler’s case & side […]

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My Secret to Organized & Stress-free Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is a huge undertaking, especially if you want to invite hundreds of people, have particular tastes, or enjoy DIY. Like any good MBA, I love spreadsheets. When it came time to plan my wedding, I knew my first step was to create one with many tabs and cross-references that was still easy to use […]

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Making Wedding Invitations

My sister, the Maid of Honor, has been working hard the past few days on the invitations with me.  She’s on spring break, so I capitalized on the opportunity. 🙂 My roommate and bridesmaid printed the invitations, which deserves a huge thanks.  Funny story about that… she asked a co-worker if she could print the […]

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